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Some tape (or washi tape) and a pair of scissors can do you all the wonders and allow you to create fun, yet, useful things for your new room.

Ways to spice up your room on a budget

by Cristina Lombardo, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor // August 14, 2021

San Diego State is welcoming a new generation of students to campus this fall 2021 semester. Moving in as a freshman or sophomore can be time consuming...

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SDSU Downtown Gallery forced to close due to budgetary constraints

SDSU Downtown Gallery forced to close due to budgetary constraints

by Katelynn Robinson, Assistant News Editor // August 11, 2020

Due to budget constraints San Diego State’s Downtown Gallery, which occupied a part of San Diego’s historic Electra building since 2011, closed at...

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Wesley House provides affordable housing for students on a budget

Wesley House provides affordable housing for students on a budget

by Lauren J. Mapp, Senior Staff Writer // April 17, 2019

Housing for students at San Diego State may come in the form of dorm rooms, College Area houses and apartment buildings, or simply living with local family...

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The Daily Aztec newsroom in the basement of the Education and Business Administration building.

Editorial: Student newsrooms need support

by The Editorial Board // April 25, 2018

The issue: Student media is in dire straits. Declining revenue is forcing university newsrooms across the country to cut coverage. Our take: Support student...

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Breaking down the budgets of SDSUs 7 colleges

Breaking down the budgets of SDSU’s 7 colleges

by Bella Ross, Staff Writer // February 21, 2018

San Diego State had a budget of nearly $400 million during the 2016-17 school year. Where did all of that money go? Out of the university’s budget...

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SDSU Flowers displays Valentines Day products.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for every budget

by Stacy Marquez, Staff Writer // February 14, 2018

Cupid is making their way down to the sunny city on Wednesday. In honor of the day of love, here are a few things to do in San Diego for every budget: These...

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Trump budget proposal an assault on arts and culture

by Sydney Sweeney, Senior Staff Columnist // March 22, 2017

Donald Trump thinks arts and culture are trivial. At least that is what he is communicating to Americans. Last week his administration released a partial...

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The Strategic Planning Committee will finish reviewing feedback during the upcoming spring semester.

Approved CSU budget expands SDSU funding

by Adriana Millar and Emely Navarro // November 18, 2015

An expansion in the California State University’s final budget for this year will allow San Diego State to invest $3.4 million in the university, which...

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Education more important than defense spending in 2013

by Kelly Gardner // September 30, 2013

The average cost to support one soldier for one year in Afghanistan in 2012 was $850,000. For the same amount of money, 41 students could attend San Diego...

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MCT Campus

Budget applies realistic ideas to fix economy

by Randy Wilde // February 15, 2012

President Barack Obama revealed his budget proposal for the 2013 fiscal year on Monday. Although a long and painful budget battle is inevitable, Obama’s...

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