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Lucid dreams can improve quality of life

by Erik Dobko

January 22, 2013

Lucid dreams bear the awareness that one is actually dreaming. Both therapeutic and entertaining, they serve as a portal to your own virtual reality, one that can feel just as real as the waking world. Since the term “lucid...

ZocDoc app finds care fast

by Victoria Valenzuela

October 9, 2012

Breaking out? Need to get your eyes checked? Have a toothache that won’t subside? When you need a doctor who can treat specific ailments, it’s important to find a reliable medical professional you can trust that also fit...

Working fitness into a busy schedule

by Lauren Yap

September 11, 2012

Students face the daunting task of juggling classes, internships, social events and extracurriculars on a daily basis. Unfortunately, hectic schedules often let fitness fade into oblivion. Several busy students prefer to dedi...

Racquetball offers fun fitness alternative

by Bridget Chapman

September 5, 2012

With the extensive amount of fitness options provided by San Diego State’s Aztec Recreation Center, racquetball may be overlooked as one of the prime amenities. It is a sport that requires quick feet and a knack for avoiding wall c...

A first time Zumba experience

by Erik Dobko

August 13, 2012

In a room full of tank top clad behemoths ceaselessly lifting beams of metal in violent opposition to the forces of gravity, I meandered through the Aztec Recreation Center. I was determined to engage in an exotic activity the likes of...

Yogis draw inspiration at Museum of Art

by Sofia Casillas

March 14, 2012

Imagine reaching a state of nirvana while surrounded by beautiful art. At the San Diego Museum of Art, this is no fantasy. Until April 18, yoga enthusiasts can reach a mind and body connection while attending private yoga sessio...

Processed foods upset healthy stomachs

by Sofia Casillas

March 13, 2012

College life can be hectic — so hectic that maintaining a healthy diet often becomes difficult. However, as convenient as fast and processed foods may seem for those on the go, health-conscious consumers should be wary of them. The United States...