Aztec Gaming: Street Fighter x Tekken mascot battle


Photo by Capcom

by Jordan Pollock

This week in cringe-worthy news, Capcom has officially announced the two new “Street Fighter X Tekken” characters that are PS3 and PS Vita exclusive, Pac-Man and Mega Man.

That’s right, Mega Man is finally showing up in a new fighting game!

So which version of Mega Man are we getting this time you ask?

Well if you guessed “terrible 80’s box-art Mega Man” then you are probably a psychic and we should all bow before you as your humble servants.

For those following news on Capcom’s next fighter none of this should be surprising to you, because by now you should have been expecting something like this.

Fingers crossed that the exclusive characters aren’t broken and that the Xbox 360 gets some kind of love.

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