Aztec Gaming: 1/30 – 2/3 Roundup


Martin Sheen in “Mass Effect 3”

by Cody Franklin

Martin Sheen in “Mass Effect 3”

A slow news week for major announcements combined with some difficulties on our end put things on hold, but our coverage will be up to speed again next week!

Here’s a rundown of news from the past week:

Mass Effect 3” released a new voice actor trailer which revealed IGN’s Jessica Chobot has joined the cast.

Prototype 2” was delayed two months on the PC and will also have 55 DLC within the first few months after release.

World of Warcraft” ran into an interesting bug: Retribution Paladins were hitting insane damage numbers, as much as 300,000-600,000 damage per second.

Skyrimreceived patch 1.4 on Steam, alongside a preview of the new modding tools and Steam Workshop coming Tuesday.

Everquest” is going free-to-play, following in the footsteps of “Everquest II“.

Lastly, a new “Humble Bundlewas released and this time includes an Android game.

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