Aztec Gaming: Mass Effect 3 demo out + Battlefield 3 offer


Photo from Bioware

by Cody Franklin

Photo courtesy of Bioware

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, it was also the release of the “Mass Effect 3” demo. If you haven’t given it a play, go do so right freakin’ now.

The single-player portion of the demo includes the opening of the game which was quite emotionally moving; if they keep up this tone for the rest of the game, “ME3” might be darker than many were expecting. You’ll also get to play through a portion of a level on the Salarian homeworld involving Krogans.

The new co-op is also included in the demo and it is surprisingly fun. For a feature many were horrified to learn was being included, it has turned out to be an incredible addition so far. I can’t wait to see it in full glory in the release.

Speaking of which, if you pre-order “ME3” on Origin, you’ll also snag a free copy of “Battlefield 3.”