Aztec alumni hit Hollywood

by Nick Knott, Entertainment Editor

When people think of famous Aztecs, many picture some of our spectacular sports athletes such as Kawhi Leonard and Tony Gwynn. However, many celebrities in the world of Hollywood got their start right here. The San Diego State campus is famous in its own right as it has served as the backdrop in a number of television shows and films. For the film issue we’ve compiled a short list of some of the Aztecs who have made their way to Hollywood.


Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner voices one of the most beloved animated mothers ever to grace primetime television: Marge Simpson. Kavner was born in Los Angeles and made her way down south to attend SDSU, where she majored in drama. After graduating in 1971, she started a job as typist. Eventually she landed her most prestigious role as the voices of Marge Simpson and Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma Bouvier. The voice actress has lent her vocal talents to the classic animated sitcom for 26 years. Although technically not known for her work in film, Kavner’s voice acting legacy is still a proud achievement for all Aztecs.


Kathy Najimy

Not only is Kathy Najimy an Aztec alumna, but she’s also a San Diego native. Najimy’s career has taken her down the paths of both television and film. She has done voice acting in “King of the Hill” and “Wall-E” as well as starred in films such as “Rat Race,“ “Sister Act” and most famously “Hocus Pocus.” Other than acting, Najimi spends a chunk of her time as an activist for causes, such as women’s rights, AIDS research and animal rights. Currently she’s working on a TV movie and two feature films that are set to release in the next two years.


“Bring it On”

The memorable backdrop for a certain cheerleading flick may look familiar for Aztecs. Hepner Hall isn’t solely famous for its Instagram-worthy architecture but also as the iconic cheerleader hangout scene in “Bring it On.” Many have tried, but nothing can beat the original cast, routines and campus location. To all future cheerleading flicks, don’t try to bring it because it was already brought to SDSU.


“Veronica Mars”

The early 2000s teen sleuth television series “Veronica Mars” was filmed in the very same office where this article was written. The basement of the Education and Business Administration building is home to The Daily Aztec office, which was one of the many San Diego locations producers of “Veronica Mars” chose to use. Kristen Bell walked through the same green-colored cubicles as the ones that the current editorial staff calls home today.


Carl Weathers

Before Carl Weathers tackled the challenge of boxing against Russian phenom Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV,” he was a linebacker for the SDSU football team. Weathers’ football career took off at SDSU and it ultimately led him to the professional circuit. After his tenure with the Oakland Raiders, he took his talent from the gridiron to the big screen. Weathers starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, which include Sylvester Stallone, Adam Sandler and Arnold Schwarzenegger.