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San Diego State explained by the work of 2 Chainz

All schools are unique. They have their own personalities and sometimes it’s hard to explain that to someone who doesn’t know the reputation of the school. San Diego State is no different. To outsiders Aztecs probably look like your typical California cliche and that going to school here is a cake walk.

Well, that’s not entirely the case. There’s no better way to explain the struggles and unique aspects of SDSU than by using one of the most prolific poets of our generation, the one and only 2 Chainz.

1. When your financial aid comes in 


Financial aid is the life blood of many students. Literally your whole college career can be affected by the financial aid, or possibly lack there of, and that can cause some serious stress. But when the money shows up in your bank account, it’s a glorious day.

2. Registration Struggles



A lot of majors are impacted. Combine that with how many kids actually go here and you get the cut-throat world of battling to get the classes you want. It’s a dog-eat-dog way of life, show no mercy to anyone.


3. Crime Alerts

Unfortunately SDSU has garnered the reputation of crime around campus. Before long the crime alerts will have your phone buzzing in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes it’s assault, sometimes it’s robbery and sometimes it’s illegal drugs.


4. Getting men’s basketball tickets when your friends don’t 


Steve Fisher has brought the Aztecs into the limelight of collegiate basketball, thus making the free student tickets very hard to come by. If you’re able to plan appropriately you can score some seats, and when your friends don’t you can rub it in their face.

5. The Swoll Patrols


They hunt in packs, they sport tank tops and they live by the “suns out guns out” motto. The swoll patrols are always around campus, constantly trying not to subtly flex and bust out of their  excuse for a shirt.

6. Partying 


Aztec students have perfected the art so well that the school has been nationally ranked as one of the best party schools on multiple occasions.  That may not be the best thing to be proud of, but a national ranking is a national ranking, right?

7. The Weather


Yes, we’re privileged. San Diego has incredible weather almost all year around. We get it.

8. Finding out the cost of living on and around campus


As if tuition hikes weren’t bad enough, trying to find an affordable place to live that’s relatively close to campus is a soul-crushing endeavor. Seeing the price tags on rooms, apartments and houses can only make you laugh — so you can avoid bawling your eyes out as a broke student with nowhere to live.

9. When you hit senior year and you’re still alive


You finally made it. The hard part is over and hopefully you set yourself up for a good senior year. All the trials and tribulations of San Diego State didn’t keep you down.

10. When you can’t wait to finally be done with SDSU


Once graduation starts to loom and you’ve realized that you’re fine to graduate, you can mentally check out. The last semester of your Aztec tenure will drag and you can’t wait to get out. When you finally walk, you can make 2 Chainz proud and “skerrtt” on out to the real world.

About the Contributor
Nick Knott
Nick Knott, Entertainment Editor
Nick is a journalism senior and in his second year at the Daily Aztec.  After starting as a staff writer in the features section, Nick switched to entertainment as the section editor.  Nick will be graduating this upcoming May with a B.A. in journalism.  He ultimately wants to work in the magazine industry covering music, sneakers or streetwear fashion.
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
San Diego State explained by the work of 2 Chainz