Theater and film department offer Aztecs deals

by Nancy Kirk, Staff Writer

Aztecs will be able to reap the benefit of Student Saver Sundays at UltraStar Cinemas in Mission Valley. The program allows Aztecs the opportunity to pay a bargain price of $10 to see current Hollywood films along with complementary and limitless soft drinks and popcorn.

This Sunday package was introduced a couple weeks ago by UltraStar and the San Diego State Film Department, a partnership whose benefits are now expanding beyond just film students, many of whom have used the theater in the past to screen their films.

Wally Schlotter, an Emmy Award-winning producer and the vice president of UltraStar Special Projects, said he is thrilled to give students a chance to relax at an affordable price on a day he hopes is favorable for most students.

The Ultrastar Cinema recently underwent renovation.

“It used to be a really rundown theater so we brought in luxury leather seats,” Schlotter said. “They’re really comfortable.”

In addition to the improved seating, the concession menu is planned to complete its revamp within the next month. Soon they will offer alcoholic beverages to of-age moviegoers and Paninis named after celebrities, like the “George Clooney Panini” (basil pesto, turkey, provolone cheese and tomato).

Schlotter said he is passionate about helping students, a claim made evident in his separate creation of the WALLY! Award, which gives students scholarship money to produce their short films.

“We wanted to do something special for students in the community and give them something to look forward to,” Schlotter said about Student Saver Sundays.

Movies currently playing at this theater include “Insurgent,” “Cinderella,” and “Run All Night.” Students must bring a valid student ID to the theater in order to receive this offer.