Kanye West’s 7 pieces of advice for college students

Source: Flickr.com

Source: Flickr.com

by Jacob Sisneros, Assistant News Editor

The Internet has been abuzz about Kanye lately with the dropping of his album “Life of Pablo” and recent Twitter tirades. Kanye says a lot of nonsense, but every once in a while he stumbles across profound gold that applies universally. Here are Kanye’s 7 tips for college students to succeed in life and do your Kanye best:

1. Flaunt your debt

Congratulations! You made it to college and now you have crippling student debt, but don’t worry you’re not alone. Wear your debt on your sleeve just like Kanye does. Whether it’s $10,ooo, $20,000 or $53 million it’s nothing to be upset about — it’s just imaginary money.

2. Ask anyone and everyone for money

Aim high when asking for donations to get you out of debt. Whether it’s Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder of Google Larry Page or that uncle you only talk to on major holidays don’t be shy to hold out your hand for some loose change. And remember asking over Twitter is 100 times better than asking in person. Someone might even set up a gofundme page for you.

3. Buy Kanye West’s clothing

Kanye ripped clothes

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It’s chic, cool and comfortable to wear to class. Plus the holes and rips provide instant cooling if you get overheated. Don’t worry about the $1,800 price tag just think of it as donating to Kanye’s quest to get out of debt.

4. Expect accolades even if you aren’t qualified

Although “Life of Pablo” wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year, Kanye didn’t let that stop him from demanding the award anyway. Take a page out of Kanye’s book and demand an A from your professor for that project you didn’t turn in. Don’t let rules or regulations get in your way. On that note…

5. Set lofty goals

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Shoot for the stars when setting goals. Don’t just apply for an internship, apply for the CEO’s job. Don’t just vote in the presidential election, get people to vote for you in the presidential election. Also be sure to announce your future accomplishments to anyone within earshot (crowded rooms work best for this).

(For those of you wondering: Kanye already has 21 Grammys so he only needs to average two Grammys a year to reach 100 if he lives to 80. Piece of cake.)

6. Don’t hesitate to blame your group members if something goes wrong on a project

Everyone hates group projects so the second something goes wrong don’t hesitate to step on your fellow group members by blaming them for anything that goes wrong and taking credit for anything that goes right. It’s a fool-proof plan that hasn’t failed yet, especially for Kanye.

7. Write history, don’t read it

Nobody cares what some old guys did before you were born. Make people care about you now and do something historic like marrying Kim Kardashian or winning 100 Grammys. Either way remember to not just do your best, do your Kanye best.