New club discovers adventure

by Alicia Chavez, Senior Staff Writer

For some students bitten by the travel-bug, having the desire to travel with bank account unwilling to support such venturesome aspirations is a challenge.

However, San Diego State recently welcomed a new organization for students looking for adventure and excitement.

Wanderlust was founded last spring by current president and psychology senior Kandy Saldivar and aims to provide students with the opportunity to satisfy their travel cravings by taking some of the financial responsibility off their shoulders.

As a team, the organization plans several fundraisers to broaden their cultural borders.

“It started off the idea that we wanted students to be able to travel without having to spend a lot of money,” Saldivar said.

Third year speech-language pathology student Rosamaria Pablo is a new member this semester and is already excited for the future plans currently in motion.

Pablo traveled abroad last spring in Turkey and enjoyed having a small circle of friends with the same desire to travel.

After returning to San Diego, Pablo was in search for a similar community of students with the same adventurous passion.

“I kind of missed having a group of people willing to travel locally,” Pablo said. “Having that group of people you can rely on to just go anywhere.”

Although members possess the desire to travel abroad, the organization is currently exploring the local area. However, there are plans en route to coordinate a trip up the north-west coast.

“I want our members to experience different cultures and diversify,” Saldivar said. “Traveling gives you this new perspective of the world, even if it’s within the United States.”

Last semester, the Wanderlusters took a day trip to Los Angeles during spring break. Even though the trip was last minute, all expenses were paid for besides food. This semester the organization has already traveled to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego and hopes to return to the LA area soon.

While traveling, students are expected to have an open-mind when learning about new cultures and meeting new people in the surrounding environment, as well as within the organization.

Wanderlust encourages members to build friendships with one another in order to create a comfortable traveling experience for everyone.

Saldivar remembers the very first Wanderlust meeting last spring and immediately making connections with new members.

After extending the meeting past the designated time, the organization moved the meeting to Aztec Lanes to play pool and bowl. In fact, spending time after the meeting has become routine for the organization.

“We really didn’t advertise for the first meeting and didn’t know how many people were going to show up,” Saldivar said. “It ended up going really well and after I remember thinking all these people are already my friends.”

Saldivar hopes to continue providing students with an opportunity to experience different cultures within and outside the United States.

“As president, I want this to be a long-lasting organization,” Saldivar said. “I want it to be enjoyable for students and to continue having the opportunity to travel without having to pay for much.”

As a future officer, Pablo hopes to continue allowing students to travel while in college, with a reduced cost.

Wanderlust welcomes students of all majors to join the adventure.

The only requirement is having the desire to travel and having an open-mind to meeting new people.