Nine reasons you know its finals week

by Christine Whitman, Staff Writer

Finals weeks plagues students each semester on campuses all across the nation. The ten signs of finals week can be seen from anywhere on the campus, as students race to learn all the information they missed throughout the semester and cram it into one 24-hour study session. To figure out if finals week has plagued San Diego State, look for these top 10 signs around campus

1. There are no seats anywhere in the library.

  1. f4kse-1

    2. Many of the students in the library are seen not studying.


    3. Where there’s coffee there is a line of tired students.


    4. There is no one at the gym.


    5. You calculate your grades to figure out what you need on your finals to pass the class. f4lzp

    6. The only acceptable clothing worn on campus is sweatshirts and pajamas. f7ni5

    7. Students eat whatever they can get and eat in less than a minute. f4m90

    8. Suddenly students want to ban together in the creation of Google Docs. Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.36.23 PM

    9. Students realize how long they can survive on minimum hours of sleep. f7nmy


If you look around campus and see at least five or more of these student behaviors, then unfortunately finals week is once again upon the students of SDSU. Good luck, and may the curve be in your favor.