10 ways Gilmore Girls relates to all college students

by Elpin Keshishzadeh, Opinion Editor

If you have watched the glorious seven seasons of the most wonderful television series (three times through if you’re super committed), you understand why “Gilmore Girls” is applicable to everyone’s life — especially college students.

If you haven’t watched the glorious seven seasons of the most wonderful television series, get your priorities straight.

1. For every college student, Monday is the enemy. But we must be strong.

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2. Every time some absurd individual decides to give you the rundown of the side effects of coffee, you immediately get defensive.

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3. Registration is hell. Oh, a night class until 10 p.m.? It’s OK, dinner can wait until next semester.

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4. You are set to experience weeks of anxiety before that ridiculously difficult midterm is graded and returned back to you.

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5. Eating healthy has become a thing of the past. Will it be Chipotle or Oggi’s?

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6. You learn quickly time management is easier said than done. Half of the textbook to read the night before the exam? Challenge accepted.

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7. Dressing pretty for school stops as soon as it starts. Pull out the yoga pants.

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Source: www.gilmoregirlsgifs.tumblr.com

8. Actually working out regularly? Cute.

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9. When you realize how behind you are on your coursework — even with an average of four-hours of sleep a night.

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10. Weekends are no longer for sleep. They become days to make up all the things you couldn’t get done during the week. So, everything.

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Congratulations, your life has been Gilmored.

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