Welcome back letters: Editor in Chief Monica Linzmeier

by Monica Linzmeier, Editor in Chief

Welcome back everyone!

Last semester was a whirlwind of events for San Diego State and in turn for The Daily Aztec. From tragedies to protests to campus fires and crashes we were nervous to go to sleep without our phones by our sides monitoring Yik Yak for anything happening on campus. 

This is my eighth and last semester at SDSU and I can honestly say the place I found my stride was the basement of EBA, where The Daily Aztec is put together. Working for a campus paper isn’t for everyone but getting involved in something is essential to being a part of campus.  No matter where you are in your academic career, it’s never too late to get involved.

The Daily Aztec is very excited to begin it’s second semester of producing online videos and we have some fun ideas planned for this semester. In the fall we tabled on Campanile Walkway to find out what our readers want to see and read in the paper and so this semester we have tried to put your ideas into action. Come by the table to say hi!

If you have a story pitch, a professor who you think needs to be featured, a dance recital you think would make for a great video, please let us know! We focus exclusively on SDSU campus so we want to cover the things that are important to you.

In the same vein if you are looking to join a group that has been around for more than 100 years, prints twice weekly, has a video production team or take photos at basketball games you can volunteer online at www.TheDailyAztec.com/jobs. Our staff changes every single year and while it may break our advisor’s hearts, it is part of the reason the paper has lasted this long. Every year people bring new ideas to freshen up the paper and every year it gets remade while carrying on it’s tradition. So thank you for reading and thank you to anyone who has contributed over the past years. Good luck this spring!