What it’s like to be facing graduation

by Staff

We all remember how the first day of college felt…

giphy (3)


That certain moment of sheer terror when you realize what it’s like to live away from home.

giphy (1)



…you know what I mean.

giphy (4)


Then there are those days when you are just so done with your roommates.

giphy (8)


And you are so done with college.

giphy (9)

Can’t I just graduate already? Let me out.


But there’s some good days too…like when you realize it’s your last semester!

giphy (10)

Yeah, I’m definitely on Kristen Wiig’s level here.


And when you realize you will actually have money in your bank account…

giphy (11)

You’ve learned how to budget over these past four years.


And then you get that A you’ve been working so hard for.

giphy (12) Whoo! Some information actually got through.

And then you graduate!!

giphy (13)

Ryan Gosling is proud of us. And that’s all we need.

Good luck to all those graduating this semester! Let’s have fun and make it a great one!