Hancock prepares for career in hospitality

by Thane Hale, Staff Writer

Associated Students Executive Vice President Kevin Hancock does what he does because he loves interacting with people. He is a hospitality and tourism management and Spanish senior so that he can work in hotels and interact with staff and customers on a daily basis.

“If I could talk to people for 12 hours a day, I would totally do it,” Hancock said. “If they’ll listen, I’ll talk to them.”

Most of Hancock’s work as vice president involves the internal aspects of A.S. He gets the A.S. polo shirts, runs A.S. retreats, chairs the A.S. facilities committee and recruits, trains and oversees A.S. council members.

He also works on events with the athletics department to bring students to games and increase Aztec pride, helped create the Aztec Gaming Experience working group, chaired the Homecoming Steering Committee and is in charge of the annual Aztec Achievement Awards Committee.

Hancock first got involved with A.S. during his freshman year through the Freshman Leadership Experience.

“It was the best way for me to get involved at the time,” Hancock said. “It’s where I found a lot of my friends. And it gave me something to do instead of sit in my dorm.”

He realized he could accomplish more to help students through A.S., so every year he took on more leadership roles.

“I kept getting more out of them and I was able to provide more to the school,” Hancock said. “Executive vice president was just this incredible opportunity to take it to the next level.”

Hancock said he wanted to be vice president because it entailed more practical work.

While being A.S. president requires talking with campus administrators and planning long-term, Hancock’s position requires him to interact with students and staff and engage in hands-on event planning.

He said the thing he is most proud of doing as executive vice president is planning Homecoming.

“Homecoming was an awesome, awesome thing to take on,” Hancock said. “Trying to get the entire university around one theme of Homecoming this year was really fun.”

A.S. President Jonathan Cole worked closely with Hancock throughout their terms.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kevin,” Cole said. “He is positive all the time. I don’t know anybody who has said anything bad about him.”

Cole said he has been an especially effective executive vice president because of his ability to adapt and work with other people.

“Where he is most impressive is in the internal aspects of his job,” he said. “He improves morale to the point where people are motivated and happy to work.”

Hancock looks forward to working in the hospitality industry when he graduates because of the interaction with customers.

“You get to welcome them, greet them, and not matter what has happened before, they are your guests,” Hancock said. “I’m all about making them happier when they leave than when they came in. I just like talking to people, making them laugh and giving them whatever I can to make them feel comfortable. That’s my passion.”

When Hancock isn’t interacting with people for work, he’s interacting with people for fun. He’s a big fan of SDSU sports.

“SDSU basketball is what I live for,” Hancock said. “Any sports really — football, basketball, all of that stuff.”

Otherwise, he likes paddleboarding and running. As an SDSU student, he is a big fan of going to the beach.

As he ends his term as A.S. executive vice president, Hancock says he wants to thank the students for sticking with the A.S. officers all year. He describes it to have been the time of his life.

“The group we had this year has been so incredible, the advisors are so amazing, every single administrator has been so helpful for A.S.,” he said. “I think we had an opportunity for great change on campus, and I think some of the things we’ve been able to do have impacted people’s lives. And it’s such an awesome feeling.”