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Honors club performs international community service

Scholars Without Borders is a San Diego State honors society, which aims to bring awareness to issues, provide resources, and recognize scholarly achievement in an international context.

Established in 2008, the honors society takes pride in continually helping the campus community grow through knowledge and experience.

“(Scholars Without Borders) is actively making an effort to try to make social change and make the Aztec community more well-versed in world affairs,” said Claire Duffy, a third year San Diego State speech language pathology major, and member of Scholars Without Borders.

Duffy said she first became interested in joining when she attended a human trafficking panel hosted by the honors society.

“Scholars Without Borders has various panels throughout the school year on different international human rights issues,” Duffy said. “We plan every year to work with an international organization.”

The honors society had planned to travel to Nepal over the summer, but the major earthquake that reached a magnitude of 7.8 and killed over 8,000 people kept them from going.

Duffy said it was not until after she became a member that she realized that the honors society not only spread awareness, but also helped students study abroad by offering guidance and scholarships. SWB has provided more than $50,000 in study abroad scholarships to SDSU students.

Members of Scholars Without Borders have a wealth of knowledge about the study abroad experience. They provide information on choosing the best study abroad location and explain why study abroad is beneficial to a person’s education, career and life..

They are also willing to share the greatest exploration experiences of their lives and the many lessons learned along the way.

With the help of Scholars Without Borders, Duffy spent a month in Avila, Spain. She took two Spanish classes at The University of Avila and volunteered with special needs adults.

“Once you travel, you are forever changed,” Duffy said.

During her time in Spain, she said she learned that once a person studies abroad, they get to experience the world in a whole new perspective.

“You become aware of how other people interpret different problems,” Duffy said.

Duffy said she is grateful for the help that Scholars Without Borders provides for SDSU students.

“Being a member of Scholars Without Borders means that I am aware of the world at large, and that I need to constantly make myself aware of the issues beyond the United States,” Duffy said.

SWB encourages the Aztec community and society to open up their minds and hearts to the people around the world to not be afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and to be a catalyst for change.

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Jasmine Bermudez
Jasmine Bermudez, Assistant News Editor
Jasmine Bermudez is the assistant news editor at The Daily Aztec. She is a fourth year journalism major and political science minor at San Diego State.
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Honors club performs international community service