Seniors say farewell: Torrey Bailey


by Torrey Bailey, Assistant News Editor

Before I became an official member of the editorial team, I always heard the staff asking each other, “Are you going back to the office?” I never understood why they would be so willing to go back to the work space when all their work was done. Now, I get it. Throughout the semester, it became my on-campus home. I often ate more than a meal per day there, I spent hours hanging out between classes there, and I’ve even caught Photo Editor Meg Wood brushing her teeth in there. Not only is it a welcoming space, it’s a mecca teeming with journalistic creativity only word nerds like ourselves would appreciate so much. 

As a writer at The Daily Aztec, I didn’t feel wildly connected to the publication or even the university the way I do now.

My time as part of the editorial staff completed my college experience before I even realized it.

The amount I’ve learned over these past few months has catapulted my eligibility to enter the real world of journalism.

To see a publication from the inside is an invaluable experience. I understood all the coordination and teamwork required to get a paper on the stands, and I’m proud to be part of that team.

For any student considering becoming a writer, and any writer considering becoming an editor shouldn’t hesitate. This is a unique opportunity to become part of a niche group on campus that is a platform for student issues and achievements.

Thanks to my top tier family and my newsies for all the silliness and craziness. My only regret with The Daily Aztec is that I didn’t start sooner.