7 steps of midterm rage as told by Taylor Swift

by Ryo Miyauchi, Arts & LIfestyle editor

Midterm season’s approaching, which means things are about to get very real very soon.

As the due date for your midterm paper creeps closer, you just might start to resemble Taylor Swift in the “Blank Space” video: chill at first but increasingly mad as the days go on.

Here are the seven signs you should watch out for while you work on that paper. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. When the professor assigns the 20-page paper, single spaced.

2. The night before it’s due.

3. Three out of 20 pages in with no more ideas.

4. One hour left, ready to accept the zero.

5. Creativity suddenly kicks in with 20 minutes left.

6. When you click “send” on Turn It In.

7. Immediately after you exit Blackboard.