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Start every day the right way at Loma Portal café

by Amy Devito // September 28, 2011

Tucked away on the busy drag of Rosecrans Street, a quaint café can be found boasting healthy plates, vegan wraps and exotic flavors. Stripped down...

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Devour hearty helpings in East Village

by Antonio Zaragoza // September 28, 2011

Between the tall buildings and crowded streets of San Diego’s downtown area, Richard Walker’s Pancake House is ready to serve piping-hot, award-winning...

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Vegan delights evolve beyond basic burgers

by Sofia Casillas // September 28, 2011

Imagine a fast food restaurant with mouthwatering food that is 100 percent free from any fish, dairy, meat and animal products. Also, imagine one that...

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Campus diner grills fast favorites to juicy perfection

by Brittany Fasano // September 28, 2011

Buddies Burgers is San Diego State’s version of In-N-Out Burger. However, with a vast assortment of fresh toppings, soft toasted buns, juicy patties...

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Zia dishes gourmet pizza without the guilt

by John Anderson // September 28, 2011

Khaled Waleh, owner and operator of Zia Gourmet Pizza, believes food is more than just nourishment. He believes eating is a deeply intimate and emotional...

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Chula Vista pizza joint tosses flavor to effortlessly delectable heights

by Sandy Coronilla // September 28, 2011

Pizza elitists take note: A short drive south into the heart of downtown Chula Vista is the home of the best pie in all of San Diego. There are...

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Starlite brightens Mission Hills bar scene

by Stephanie Schauer // September 28, 2011

Starlite, star bright, this restaurant and bar does it right. Starlite Dining and Cocktails, which first opened its hexagon-shaped entryway to the...

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Guzzle good times at South Park tavern

by Chris Pocock // September 28, 2011

Somewhere along the sprawling stretch of South Park is Hamilton’s Tavern, a local pub boasting as many returning customers as it does beer taps hanging...

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Wine lovers waken dreams at Gaslamp wonderland

by Kelly Callas // September 28, 2011

Fall down this rabbit hole into a downtown fantasyland of dream-like proportions. Located on Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter, Vin de Syrah springs...

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Mediterranean cuisine floods tastebuds with love

by Staff // September 28, 2011

Rarely busy but always delicious, Fattoush is one of the best dining options in all of Rolando. Although Fattoush is not an ideal place for drunken...

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Indulge in Parisian delicacies at local bistro

by Beth Elderkin // September 28, 2011

There is nothing like the comfort of “la vie Française” while sipping a cappuccino in a tiny red-roofed café near the Galarie Lafayette in Paris. That...

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Popular stop whips yogurt into berry icy delights

by Bill Crotty // September 28, 2011

There are a lot of delicious berries in this world. Some you snack on, a few work well in cereal and oatmeal, others can be baked into piping-hot pies,...

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