Barleymash: The perfect NFL Sunday restaurant

by Kalah Siegel, Staff Writer

The dawn of September means one particularly important thing – NFL football is here.

While fans have been gearing up for this month since Super Bowl XLIX, there are still several logistics to figure out: where to watch the game, what to snack on and who to spend valuable Sundays with in front of the TV.

For those who don’t plan to watch the games on their couches, The Daily Aztec found a local hotspot that is a guaranteed good time at kickoff.

Barleymash, located on 5th Avenue and Market Street in downtown San Diego, knows how to do football Sunday right. The restaurant is the perfect combination of delicious food, killer drinks and large TVs – think game-time action at every turn. The establishment even offers Sunday football perks, such as raffles and giveaways.

And it’s perfect that Barleymash draws in lots of patrons on Sundays, because its brunch is mouthwatering. No one can go wrong ordering Barleyhash, a heaping pile of potato hash topped with fried eggs and a choice of extras. The Ham & Cheese Barleyhash is particularly good – watch out Velveeta, the roasted poblano beer-cheese is almost literally liquid gold.

For a true breakfast- lunch combo, order the Morning Wood, a three-cheese blend flatbread with eggs and bacon. The portions are huge enough to have leftovers for Monday, a great college-kid bonus.

More impressive than the hashes and pizzas are the Sunday morning beverages. Yes, there’s an incredible mimosa bar and Skyy vodka bloody mary bar, but Barleymash has also managed to turn brunch into a specialty cocktail hour. For coffee with a twist, indulge in Java The Hutt. The cold-pressed coffee is refreshing with a subtle but tasty kick of Ballast Point horchata vodka.

Atmosphere is make it or break it in the restaurant business, and Barleymash’s game plan for Sundays goes beyond televised sports. The restaurant features live music to set the tone for a relaxing but memorable Sunday out on the town.

“For college students, it’s nice to hear live music and be part of a diverse community on the weekends away from campus,” Barleymash server Gisele Hernandez said. “The large portion sizes are appealing, too.”

For the 21-and-up crowd, the restaurant is great in the evenings for a comfortable local-bar feel. For a rowdier scene with craft cocktails and dancing, check out the bar Ginger’s just downstairs.

Barleymash has a little something for everyone visiting Gaslamp, day or night.