All About an Aztec: Erin Gonzalez

Erin Gonzales is a political science and ISCOR sophomore. 

Campus Involvement and Position:

I am an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority and  I hold the position of External Relations Chair. I am responsible for planning events with other sororities to promote positive relations between the various chapters of the PanHellenic community.

What is the first thing you do every morning before heading to school?

I always start my day with coffee and after that I usually walk my dog, Chief. Chief is a small German Shepard mix rescue dog from the San Diego SPCA. I always check the news really quickly before I head out the door.

What was your favorite elective class that you’ve taken?

My favorite elective that I’ve taken so far is Religious Studies 101 with Professor Jeffrey Murico. It’s not a subject I was really immediately interested, but in the end I was totally fascinated by how much I learned about the diversity of religion and its potential impact in areas like foreign affairs, jurisdictional disputes and business negotiations.  Professor Murico is also a really great teacher and I really recommend taking a class from him.

What inspired you to choose your major?

I am really interested in current global affairs! After attending my first ISCOR class with Dr. Greb I knew I really wanted to take more classes and learn more. I also desire to attend law school and intend to fully utilize my political science degree. I couldn’t decide which major I found more interesting so I am pursuing both.

What advice would you give SDSU freshmen for their time at school?

Take advantage of every opportunity; seek to experience all that is in front of you regardless of how big or small it may seem to be. Most interactions and involvement can be a great networking tool, as well as a learning experience to help you decide what you may want to pursue in your future.