All About an Aztec: Brittany Sidler

Brittany Sidler is a biology senior. 

Campus Involvement and Position:

I’m in a sorority here on campus called Alpha Phi where I just finished serving my term as the Vice President of Campus Affairs. I currently serve as the Panhellenic President. Panhellenic is the governing body of all of the sororities at SDSU. I also work in Dr. Sussman’s lab where I get to learn about cardiac research. I am a member of Order of Omega which is a greek honors society. Lastly, I am in a club called Alliance for Healthy Children, where we give health based presentations to elementary and middle school students.

What was your favorite elective class that you’ve taken?

That would have to be the rock climbing class I took freshmen year with my roommate at the ARC. It was really fun and a pretty good workout.

What inspired you to choose your major?

I’ve always wanted to help people so when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer it seemed fitting to switched my major to biology. Unfortunately she was at a stage that was incurable, so I’m hoping to attend medical school in her honor. Knowing that one day I might be able to help save others in similar conditions really inspires me to work hard and get involved at SDSU and in the community.

What’s something that would surprise people about you?

Probably that I’m a sports fanatic especially for football and baseball. Whenever I go home I hang with the fam and watch games all day. I kind of get really into it too. You can find me rooting for the Patriots this Super Bowl, sorry Seahawk fans!

What advice would you give SDSU freshmen for their time at school?

Get involved and attend as many events that  you possibly can. Even if you are tired or busy make time for the fun stuff because college goes by fast and the next thing you know you’ll be a senior graduating!